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Colchester is a town in southeast England, 55 miles north east of London, 17 miles west of the ferry port of Harwich.


It is the UK's oldest recorded town. In 77AD, Pliny the Elder gave written instructions — something like "at Camulodunum, go straight on at the third roundabout" — to a charioteer on his way to Anglesey. This was the first mention of any town in Britain.


The Ancient Britons and Romans left their mark, notably the Gosbecks ancient monument, the foundations of the Temple of Claudius (beneath the Norman Castle) and the chariot-racing circus track, discovered in 2004.


In 2001, the borough (town and surrounding countryside) had a population of 104,390. In mid 2012 it was estimated at 176,008: making it possibly the fastest-growing town in Britain.


If you'd like to visit (and there's plenty to see over a long weekend), see Visit Colchester.


For more facts and figures about the town, see this site.